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Thread: THAT wonderful Tottenham Texaco Cup win

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    THAT wonderful Tottenham Texaco Cup win

    Super wee memory boost from Andy Ross on the official club site (for those of a certain vintage). Like Graham B, I was also there, with several school friends, of whom only 2 were actually 'Well fans but who brought moral and morale support. FP was HEAVING I watched half the game on a friend's shoulders and he, similarly, on mine! I was the lucky one .... I saw all 3 'Well goals. He saw Spurs' goal. It was a raucous night esp after the game. I was hoarse going to school the next day. On being asked about the defeat Martin Peters (@r5eh0le) could only contend that "FP was all muck and nettles" Hardly gracious or intelligible. Sore loser. (Footnote to GB ....ironically I now live in Prestwick and travel to FP for home games.... glad I drive the bus service hasn't improved) Thank you again Andy Ross.

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    I was there too and agree that it was great to be in the packed ground. I suppose it might happen than another UK wide competition might arrive in the future but I can't see the biggest clubs signing up.

    The FPC piece about the game is here (

    and GB's piece about that match day programme appeared in GLF 11 (

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    Given some previous reads on various sites the past 10 days, and 1 to 1 briefings from some older chums, I feel as though I was at the game. But, I wasn't. Sounds like a 'rerr-terr'
    As for Mr Martin Peters ... '@r5ehole' does him no justice; he was more akin to acting like a pure phanney I believe.

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