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    Team news

    Reported that Cole and White out injured, Carroll training properly again and Dunne (remember him) running.

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    And right on time...predictably unoffensive:

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    Four changes today...Out Chapman, Lamie, Crawford, Cole In Archer, Campbell, McGinley, Long

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    Goalless at HT but that's the best we've played in a while.

    Even Irons back on co-comms hasn't been as awful as usual.

    No doubt normal service on both resumed soon!

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    And it duly has. 0-1 down and deservedly so. We haven't scored an equaliser all season so I think we can safely say that it's game over.

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    Annoying to lose after the first half but Hibs upped it beyond our level so no complaints. We were unlucky with the 'goal' and hitting the post too.

    Play like that every week and the season will be okay given Hibs are obvious top four. But we need to make sure there's no repeat of last week when we do face the dross.

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    Utter garbage from us yet again. That second half performance was unacceptable and shows once again that we are so easy to beat. The squad is full of dross that would in all honesty would struggle to get a game for a Championship side and what makes it worse, a number of them look disinterested and just going through the motions.

    We need drastic change at the club but there seems to be no desire to do so.

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    Well, missing our top goal scorer Covid, it was going to be tough to get 3 goals in this game.
    Curious how the debutant in goal handled the game. I guess we cant tell.

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    He made one brilliant save and had no chance with the goals... certainly not a glorious debut given the score but he'll get another couple of chances to prove himself.

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    Usual kraap from the Manager at the end of game ... 'naive defending has cost us'.

    Well, knock the naivety outta them at training and stop playing naive defenders !! Not rocket science.

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