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    I know this subjectís been done to death but itís really p*ssing me off when people complain about VAR because (usually for offside) the decision was so close.
    You have to have a rule and draw the line somewhere - there is no other way. Then, VAR needs to define the situation to the rule. It doesnít matter if he was offside by the width of his finger, he was offside and itís no goal.
    The only thing in var offside that needs greatly improving is the time taken for the decision to be reached.

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    From a technical standpoint, VAR works extremely well.

    It's let down by ridiculous laws and poor judgement. The offiside rule is a joke as it stands. I agree that you have to draw the line somewhere but, for me, it has to be from the last part of the attacker's back foot. Armpits and the very back of the heel are pathetic reasons for disallowing a goal and totally against the spirit of the law in the first place.

    Nor are the officials helped by wanker players throwing themselves down at the slightest touch and commentators/pundits claiming 'well, there was contact so he was within his rights to go down'.

    As for its use, I think, if they're serious about not re-refereeing decisions, then both the VAR official and the ref via his monitor need to see the incident at full speed only and if they can't make their mind up based on that then the original decision should stick.

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    Always thought that re runs of incidents should play at actual speed not slowed down to the Nth degree, where do you stop this crap ?
    As for players going down at the merest hint of a touch is 'kin ridiculous but they are coached that way and has become accepted. Having said that, the Wilson penalty just accentuates that. No way was that a penalty. The ref's are damned if they do and damned if they don't. I think off side should be judged by the point of the player's furthest forward foot, arms, heads and whatever shouldn't come into it. Just my opinion like.

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