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    Happy Christmas Skates all. I would genuinely wish promotion for you next year, our match ups are too few. By the time you reach your next 2 season stint in the Prem we will be Champions League regulars and I will look forward to whipping your arses once again. Hope you're out of tier 4 very soon, I need to do some shopping at Gunwharf. From tier 3 New Forest, all the best for a good 2nd half of the season.

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    Cheers Chief, you'd be chased off SM for wishing us promotion, if anyone was actually on there.
    I genuinely* wish you to win the Premier League this season and Champions League next season.
    Not sure about the whipping arses fetish of yours though, is that a scummer thing, I'd keep that tou yourself if I were you.
    Happy Christmas squire, have a good one.

    *tee hee, not really!
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