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    anyone got the sneaking suspicion that hes offski?

    I know hes been quite unwell but I still feel like hes leaving.

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    I actually don't but, having said that, it wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if he did leave.

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    I don't think he is.

    I think clubs will play it very safe over Jan and anybody with a hint of issue, either injury, covid or long covid effects won't be that looked at, unless it's a manager that knows them well.

    However, nothing surprises me here, so should he go wouldn't be gobsmaked.

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    I wouldnt blame him one bit to want to be away. Bruceasaurus and Agnew will suck the life out of him and try to turn him into a fast overlapping full back

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    Every player at the club should want to leave. In fact any player at any of the 14 other teams in the corrupt league if they have any ambition should want to be away from their clubs.
    Who would want to play for teams that are restricted in competing in a league. Football is fcked and the modern day fan is part of the problem. Turn up in droves to support the corruption.

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