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    Almost here...and if it's half as good as 2020 was bad, then we're in for a hell of a year.

    Who knows-we might hve a new owner by the time this vaccine is starting to help us get back to something approaching normal. It's been such a shit year for many reasons-and lots of folk, including on here, have been through stuff that makes football seem like the least important thing in the world. And in many ways it is.

    But, it's also a force for good, something that bonds us together and something that, on a different level, is incredibly important to us for reasons that go way beyond the actual game itself. Good job too, mind...if Newcastle United was a shop, we'd all be buying our stuff somewhere else.

    So-happy new year to everyone on here-(and to some of our missing posters who may venture back on this year-and it'll be good to see them.) I'm raising a glass to you for health, happiness and the Premier League getting their arses handed to them followed by the appearance of camels on Barrack Road. Oh, and Myleene appearing at my front door but that's a different sort of wish.

    Up yours, 2020. Here's to 2021
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zippity View Post
    Up yours, 2020. Here's to 2021
    Well said Zip.

    Happy new years to you and yours.

    Happy new years to everybody else.

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    Happy New Year to all posters

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    All the best of health, wealth and happiness to all posters and visitors for 202WON

    Good riddance to 2020

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    Although not a prolific poster I do enjoy the exchanges (by & large).I do feel that there will be something big for our club in 2021.Hopefully this involves Middle East involvement upon the culmination of the Ashley case as I genuinely can't ever see a full house again with the current regime.
    Anyway,all the best for 2021 to all Mag posters on here.I sincerely hope for a return to normality as quickly as possible & a healthy New Year to ensue. Best Wishes.

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    Happy New Year to everyone fingers crossed it's going to be a good one

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    All the best

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