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    In terms of football alone, we've had two good years and a lot to look back on and be proud of our club and players. So what does the next year hold for us? You all know I'm a bit of a pessimist and I can't help thinking that this great side that we've all watched mature into a talented unit will start to break up in 2021. We have a couple of decent fullbacks and Offord to maintain some semblance of continuity at the back. We also have Regan Griffiths and Josh Lundstram to step into midfield and a forward line that could continue for a couple of years (without Charlie). I'm not sure what else is in the pipeline. Any predictions for what this year holds?
    Whatever, I just want to wish everyone on here as well as the supporters, club, officials, staff and players a very Happy New Year

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    Agree with your comments up to a point. Both full backs and Wintle are the players that would normally be sold and we have cover for them but for an outsider how about Mandron and his ability to hold up the ball. We do not have cover for him and thats a worry for me. Hopefully non of our players leave and we see how far this squad can go.

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    I hope we do not lose players, but the significant reduction in income means the club may be more receptive to bids. I agree that we need a back up for Mandron nad it would be interesting to see how Zanzala can perform. Hopefully, Daniels can return soon and stay injury free. There is certainly more to come from this squad and I hope we can consolidate in this league and aim for the playoffs. Credit to Messrs Artell and Lunt for all they have achieved.

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    I was thinking the other day how delighted Dario would be, watching on with a glass of red in Gradi Towers. The club’s ownership is sorted after a few years of uncertainty and, whilst that doesn’t guarantee success, it does enhance security and a long term future. The Academy has kept going and seems to be in renaissance - the current squad didn’t appear overnight, they represent the hard work of the coaches there over the past 10 to 15 years - but the make up of the current team in the current financial circumstances prove its worth.

    Dario’s trusty lieutenant both on and off the pitch for over 20 years is now coaching the first team with another of Dario’s signings as his boss and the club’s manager. We’ve had a rough few years with assorted off field scandals and financial shenanigans and a team in apparent terminal decline. It’s been great to see these traumas overcome (at least for the club if not all of the individuals affected) and the club now on an upward trajectory again. We may never achieve several years in the Championship again, but we have a secure club to support, a team that’s a delight to watch and a manager who’s as good as any to listen to in a press conference.

    I don’t know what 2021 will bring, but I’m guessing a top half finish with plenty of admiring looks at our players from those who will take some off our hands in the summer. As long as Dave and his advisers keep turning up with the likes of Mandron, Beckles and similar to supplement the Academy youngsters then we’ll be in good hands. As I’ve said elsewhere, other clubs won’t just have admiring eyes on the players!

    Happy New Year to everyone at the club and on this site - and to Dario, without whom none of this would have been possible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Furberstreet View Post
    I agree that we need a back up for Mandron nad it would be interesting to see how Zanzala can perform.
    One question answered, Zanzala has left the club with immediate effect by mutual consent. Didn't really impress on his few appearances, but good luck to the lad.

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    Things on te oitch at the moment are quite exciting, they would be more exciting if we could attend the games, whether we will get back this season is difficult to say. We do still have something to play for when we get back playing and I'm hoping we will complete the season even without supporters as I dont think the play offs are beyond us. I think we will lose a couple of players bot NG and Wintle have not hidden there desire to play higher up the league and there are a couple of others that are attracting attention, so we will lose a couple and others will get an opportunity. The one player I dont want to lose is Wintle and the club should be prepared to move heaven and earth to try and keep him but he is probably the one player who could hold his own in the championship, so I wouldnt begrudge him moving on if a bigger club came in for him. At the end of the day we are a selling club and that will continue we have been fortunate to keep the current squad together and that shows with performances on the pitch but we will sell our better players and that has always been the case.

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    I do wonder if Zanzala's departure is freeing up some wage budget as a prelude to a an addition at the top end of the pitch. It's no secret that goals for is our problem so far this season, so it would make sense to try and strengthen in that area. Maybe some sort of Stephen Walker type player, or even a Powell clone, as he's seemed out of sorts for the most part this season.

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