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    Worst present

    Christmas is behind us again and a comment from Mrs. Donsdaft last night that I had bought her a bug for her heid* led me to thinking of the worst presents I had bought for girlfriends / wives over the years.

    Way back in the mists of time, and strongly influenced by the dreadful and constant K-Tel adverts on TV, I was led to believe that all a girl could want for xmas was a Stitch o' Matic.

    Take my advice on this lads, television adverts lie.

    In later years I bought Mrs Donsdaft mark 1 an iron.
    She liked it, or so I thought, it was a bloody good iron.
    Actually it was the sort of iron that men of my vintage would always buy, designed to look like one of the Thunderbirds.

    I never got any grief at home about this, but the slagging I got from the girls at work was relentless.
    My argument "it was a good iron" just seemed to inflame the situation more.

    I can't be alone in this, let us know the worst thing you ever bought, xmas or birthdays, makes no difference.

    * The bag for her head is actually a pretty thoughtful present and was nowhere near the main present anyway.

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    Similar to you DD, every year me and the brother used to get my Ma gadgets for the kitchen. It was like Q's lab in there. My brother broke the mould one year by getting her a half-pint glass with Mackeson's stout emblazoned on it.

    She drinks Bacardi and coke.
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    Her* mum** didn’t know what to get me for Xmas, so she said ‘get him something from the AFC shop’
    I’m now the proud owner of an AFC Bournemouth water bottle, with personalised strip on the back.

    * Rules don’t apply
    ** Rules possibly apply but no pic handy

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