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Thread: GA a boost for Grimmy?

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    GA a boost for Grimmy?

    Our new manager played for four seasons with Burnley, Liam Grimshaw’s home town, and at right back, Grimmy’s most regular position. In his first interview GA stated how hard work and application took him further in his career than he originally thought possible (or words to that effect). This makes me wonder if this appointment could be a boost to Grimmy as I imagine as a ****ager he must have watched Alexander play and I do think he is a player who is willing to work hard. He may not be the most skilful but Grimmy’s attitude has always struck me as very positive and he is a hard working player who always gives 100%. If he takes on board what the new manager tells him about his approach to the game and how to maximise his ability as a right back, then this change of leadership at Motherwell might just prove to be a real boost to Grimmy’s career.

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    You might have a case there ... I guess we'd have to hope Grimmy can rise to the challenge.

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    You might hope that Alexander can boost the full backs but then again McLeish couldn't help the defence and so guarantees!

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