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Thread: Transfer window.

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    Transfer window.

    Odd one really. Its the 1st time in years we dont need much. Just one or two quality additions. Im really not interested in the speculation and roumors anymore. Just wait and see.

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    Yeah mate, same for me, it’s all a bit ‘meh’ at the moment with no games for what will be 20 days.

    What we need depends on the expectations for this season and of course, what's available. Our weak bench is becoming ‘no bench’ if CH goes to Swansea, Engles back to Belgium, and Freddie to Cardiff (all loans), as expected. A few of the kids have gone or are going out on loan, so maybe 1 or 2 for the bench.

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    There is not the same excitement as fans cannot get to see the players only on tv, football is dying and this C19 has made us all think what is important. There seems to be only the manure fans who are bothered who they will be associated with next but cannot afford, they really are suffering from cabin fever, being trapped in London must be killing them. There are still running forums on YT 'Grealish wants to join utd...really, Sancho in next....really and now Declan Rice....fees there of around 300 million, utter garbage!
    For us, stupid talk also of 50 million for Brooks of Bournemouth, nonesense! For this season, with the chances of being relegated practically zero, we should not look to buy anyone who is not going to challenge for a first team slot.
    We should be looking ahead to next season and pushing on hopefully with crowds!
    What do we need next season?
    Left back, Winger, Forward?
    As for now use the squad we have and build on that culture that Smith has created and finally tell utd to do one!

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