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Thread: Football kits.

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    Football kits.

    In the late 70s or early 80s my uncle bought me a Rangers kit that came rolled up in a cardboard tube. Anyone else have memories of these? Were they official or snides?

    Iím not keen on modern shirts, I do quite like the Southampton one with the sash. I used to love the west Han shirts in the 80s.

    I canít remember when I last owned or wore a replica shirt. Must be about 30 years.

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    I sent off for an all green goalies kit , circa 1970. Padded chest and everything. It was available in all colours. Think it was an advert in Shoot magazine.
    Had the sixties Rotherham/ 30 other teams, home shirt. The West Ham one, and QPR.
    Haven't worn nylon since I hit 50.

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