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Thread: Millwall saying ...... Barnsley turn down 1+ million for Mowatt

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    Millwall saying ...... Barnsley turn down 1+ million for Mowatt

    Hell fire!!!
    With just 6 months left on his contract.
    With Mowatt refusing to sign then the club must have known that bids like this were going to happen - so surely the club have identified a ready replacement who will sign a long contract.

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    Well I'd have taken the offer , feck him , he's dyked us about long enough .

    The nearer we get to the end of the month the price will probably go down unless we get two clubs competing for his signature .

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    100k more and good bye, good look Alex = money talks both sides player and clubs

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    I’d have sold at a million... But Kane needs to get moving damn sharp. A long throw agin Huddersfield waint cut it for me. ( although “ I thank him” for it !

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