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Thread: Who Was The Worst Player Last Night

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    Who Was The Worst Player Last Night

    I thought I would ask a really difficult question
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    Jonjo Shelvey
    Was terrible and with the worst 2 corners I have seen
    And no desire or effort

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    Can I nominate a whole team collectively. Not much to choose between them all.

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    Shelvey made a couple of decent passes.Tell me one thing that our cultured No. 9 did .I cant think of anything...... really earned his £85k per week !!

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    Jokelinton closely followed by Shelvey I wouldn’t play either of them.

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    Joelinton was he even on the pitch last night

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    Carrol, big useless immobile lump. David Luiz had him in his back pocket all night.

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    Shelvey for me.

    It just annoys me so much that we can have a corner, he'll take it and without fail give the ball away.

    Yesterday and 3 other times this season it has lead to the opposition scoring.

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    Has to be Joelinton, the laziest player on the pitch bar none.

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    Aye, choosing one is really difficult.

    I think, in terms of what he could offer, then it has to be Shelvey. Carroll is shit but tries-and cares, I think. Joe Shinton is both lazy and shit and doesn't appear to care.

    Much as Shelvey is way past his best, he is capable of an awful lot more and he should be fined for those set pieces-in a situation such as ours you have to play the percentages and get the ball in towards the middle. He pulls all the right pained expressions but his lack of effort doesn't match them. He clearly couldn't give a fuck.

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