First thing - a fabulous performance from Barnsley that is a marker of where we are.
That is ....... able to compete but not quite professional enough as yet to win games like these.

For example....... why why why arnt Barnsley players in the face of the referee when decisions go against them FFS !?!?!
That game could have been won through pressure on the referee - who was also responsible for sending off 2 Barnsley players at Reading.
We are far too NICE when it comes to incompetent slack referees.

Player watch 2nd half ...... players looking good ...... but Woodrow looked absolutely knackered towards the end and should have been substituted.

And IMPORTANTLY - if we are sending Mads (a central defender) up front as a striker towards the end of a Championship game - so he can offer height up front - then clearly we havenít a full squad at the club that includes strikers with those attributes.
That is to say - directors - GET SOME ****ING MONEY SPENT!!!