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    Over at the other place Ibogaine is clearly someone who regards himself as highly intellectual and extremely amusing. He is an utter moron who should f­uck off. How anyone could find his output the slightest bit interesting is absolutely incredible.

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    The fact that nobody at the other place has actually criticised the idiot tells me as much as I need to know about it.

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    He aims for humour and sometimes gets there, but this latest effort is quite poor. It’s always aimed at the same person too. Shoddy.

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    Ibogaine is a buffoon of the sub Steven Pattison rank of intellect. He cannot discern how much of an embarrassment he is to himself.

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    I'd strongly suspect both Mr Large and Mr Kuntz are the same person, as is Ibogaine.

    Or should I call him Sanitago, or any of his thousand and one usernames.

    Here he is, once again, posting about himself.

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    I think he's a good laugh. Doesn't take himself seriously and just has fun.

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    The alleged 'humour' is just a thin veil covering what amounts to an unjustifiable ongoing attack on the same person.
    Furthermore the 'humour' is childish and is fundamentally the same 'joke' each time.
    As Eric Morecambe would have said "Try doing that at The Glasgow Empire on a Saturday night".

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