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Thread: Lampard

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    I knew his position was under threat but still surprised he has got the sack just now. In part I think his problems were due to signing too many players. Something you could never accuse Burnley of! He has really struggled to integrate Werner, Havertz and Ziyech into the team when he also has Pulisic, Abraham and Giroud. I wonder who will take over the Stamford Bridge hotseat? Next up Chelsea have two home games against Wolves and then Burnley. Welcome to the wonderful world of Roman Abramovich. At least the money will be good.

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    I hear Rafa's out of a job.

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    They could have waited until after we had played them. We will probably be on the back of their appointing a new manager and that usually bucks them up!
    Bloody awful timing, but let's prove them wrong!

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    They wanted Julian Nagelsmann who is the manager of Bundesliga club RB Leipzig, but who knows now?

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    Frank did not have a long track record and he did nothing at Derby of note.

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    He’s damaged goods now. Probably end up on BT Sport or something similar. Spent over 200m last summer to reach 9th in the table. Don’t think any club will be rushing to give him a job.
    Hopefully, the expected Manager Tuchel, will be able to do a bit better, otherwise....

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    Too big a job, too soon in his career, I think he may well get another crack at it in years to come.

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    I said a week or so ago that he should have stayed at Derby a while to cut his teeth like Gerrard has done at Rangers, he moved to soon to a Club with a rep for sacking Managers, I don't feel sorry for him one little jot.

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    odd he got the job - imo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by malwayne View Post
    Hopefully, the expected Manager Tuchel, will be able to do a bit better, otherwise....
    Has a bit of a reputation for falling out with club owners, won't be a problem at Chelsea, you don't fall out with Roman, no one does, you do the job until the day he sacks you, and there really is nothing more to it at Chelsea.

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