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    Id bring him back into the side
    Darlows had his shot at it and did well
    But id be thinking about a change from now till the end of the season ,thinking about goal difference

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    Would be harsh but the whole team is shot right now and I suppose Dubravka will be less tainted by recent form. He definitely organises the defence better at corners etc. plus is good at distribution which will be another positive if ASM stays fit.

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    I think I probably agree, Kev. Darlow's done incredibly well but, I guess he knows the score in terms of Dubravka being the number one.

    Plus, in the last couple of games there have been a couple of cracks appearing and since he's come so far, being the last line of defence in Bruce team is such a thankless task that the pressure is bound to tell eventually so maybe taking him out of the firing line before the cracks widen is a good idea.

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    Agreed all, Dubs back in for Leeds.

    I wonder if Dubs coming back has what has also cracked Darlow a bit.

    Playing with no pressure cos Dubs was injured meant he didn't worry and played better.

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