Apologies if this has already been mentioned as it was filmed in 2019 but I thought I'd link a 2hr podcast episode from 'Undr the Cosh' with Ronnie Moore. I'm about an hour in and he has spoke about getting into football, losing his mum, playing for the Millers and getting into management. Lots of stories about Branston, Alan Lee, Brecks etc so definitely worth a watch! 52 minutes in he discusses the Millers always punching above to even try and stay in the champ. Still very much relevant today.


So yeah, if you have a spare couple of hours I'd definitely give it a watch. Loads of other ex pros on the channel also, watched Paddy Kenny last night where he discussed Warnock. Didn't hold back in discussing the likes of Kevin Blackwell etc. Very fruity language so best not listen if you're easily offended.

Anyway, I'll stop jabbering on