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Thread: Tom Ince murmurings

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    Tom Ince murmurings

    If you believe the rumours then we have Tom Ince again in our sights....

    ...did okay first time around but seemed a bit of a “Big head” thinking he was bigger than Derby in my opinion!!

    Not cut it anywhere else since he left and now not even making the first team at Stoke!!

    Is he worth a gamble as a loan with a view to buy if he refunds his form??


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    Raised this a few weeks ago, Rich.
    He did seem a ‘bit of a Big Head’ to me too but he did bring us something.
    I thought his Dad was much the same but under a stronger manager and with the MUFC connection it might work.
    There’s also some nonsense in the background suggesting Sam Rush allegedly arranged for Claire Ince (Tom’s Mum) to receive a considerable amount of money for ‘scouting’!
    Opinion seemed to be ‘no thanks’ last time round. Mine the right price...a tentative ‘yes’.

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    I'm undecided on this one, we've already took a punt on Ibe and Duncan, 2 talented players that seem to have lost their way, currently we haven't benefited from either of these signings.

    I was a big fan of Ince, when he was here, but can he do it again and at what price?

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    Rooney's game plan, whatever formation he uses, revolves around work rate. Defending starts at the front and you track back and do your bit at the back whenever necessary. Work rate isn't in Tom's arsenal IMO. He doesn't tackle and is a liability on the odd occasion he does manage to get within 35 yards of his own goal.

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    Might click again under the maclaren connection

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    Imo he’s a luxury and we don’t need luxuries this season we need solid citizens

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    Ince has a reputation as being a big time charlie, it does seem that way but we can't doubt he has bags of talent. When you see what Rooney has got from the same players Cocu had is it worth a punt!

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