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Thread: West Ham in for 5 Derby Players?

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    West Ham in for 5 Derby Players?

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    Sounds like nonsensical page filling to me.

    a) IF we are in that sort of ‘financial turmoil’ why wait till the summer, by which time it should all have been resolved...why not act now?
    b) I’d put money on no more than two of those five becoming Premier League players...far from convinced three of them will make Championship regulars.
    c) When has any club ever raided another for five players?

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    Whittaker gone to Swansea. That leaves 4, all of whom are regulars in the matchday squad. Players that fit the description of "those going nowhere" that Rooney has given on a few occasions.

    Outside of those 5, Evans has gone to Millwall.

    We need a centre half coming in as we now have just Clarke and Wisdom as proper centre halves. Fozzy could fill in as cover but that's it.

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    It sounds like silly season news to me, have only ever heard of a mass raid similar to this when Kingstonian took about 13 players from AFC Merstham a couple of years back (about tier 7) and that was simply because the Merstham manager jumped to Kingstonian who had a comparatively huge ability to pay wages.

    Besides which, why would a team aspiring for European competition want to grab a hatful of bottom half of championship players?

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