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Thread: Dundee United tonight

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    Dundee United tonight

    Gallagher out (injured?) Lamie in.

    The bench looks very different

    Subs: Morrison, Foley, Smith, Johnston, Roberts, Hastie, Polworth, McGinley, Magloire.

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    Muscle injury apparently. One game before his contract extends, let the conspiracy theories begin...

    Lamie and Mugabi must be one of the worst centre back combos we've ever fielded. I would be thrilled with a point right now.

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    A brilliant win even if it was one we found much harder to secure than we should have. The attack suddenly looks lively, the midfield much better without Polworth and even the bench no longer the complete debacle it once was.

    Caveat that United were awful ofc but a win's a win etc.

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    A very welcome win last night and we played some decent football, in spells, in the process. Still work in progress though as we missed too many chances and we sat back in the second half. The foul on McGinley was outrageous and its amazing that the referee didn't award a penalty and red card the culprit for dangerous play. Just what was he thinking.

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