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Thread: Pool Vs City - boys against men

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    Pool Vs City - boys against men

    Well that was a decisive game, city without Aguero and De Brynne still strolled it. Love it when that tippy-tappy football at the back goes wrong.
    Alex-Arnold is a petty little **** at times when things aren't going right.
    Can't see anyone touching City this season, Manutd are playing as well as they can, but still not enough.

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    City's title now.

    Can't see them losing it now.

    Even if they do, I don't see it being Liverpool that catch them.

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    Haven't watched them too much this season, but you have to - even with all the money they spend - praise Guardiola for turning them around and making them fantastic again.

    That's what good managers can do. Create several successful teams at the same club.

    Man Utd. are having a fluke season as always; and their football is not remotely interesting to watch.

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