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    In an interview before Sociadad played Manure. Little piece taken from it.

    Merino: "Its a pity, the relationship with the owner, supporters were unhappy. You felt it, the players knew.
    The fans were spectacular. There’d be a chance to break and they’d go mad. It could be 70metres from goal and they thought we might score.
    It hurt leaving the fans”

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    He never got a proper chance here, to be fair.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zippity View Post
    He never got a proper chance here, to be fair.
    He was great, really hurt when we he left.

    Nice to see we made an impact on him though.

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    Good player with good attitude. I was sorry to see him go but glad he did (for his benefit - he deserves better).

    Really nice to see his comments re the supporters and the players must feel the atmoshere around the club even more now with the cabbage in charge and Fatty´s mercenary attitude.

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    He played some really good games for us, but I don't think Ashley was the reason he moved on.

    From what I remember he had some trouble adapting to life in England.

    Great quote nonetheless, wish we could have seen more of him and good luck to him.

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