Well, Sturgeon has got problems with an education report and with the backlash from Salmond. Both these have been postponed until after the Scottish Parliamentary election which will be on 6th May.

If the SNP do well then calls for another Scottish Independence Referendum will be loud. If they want to go, let them go. Their plans are bizarre. They plan to carry on using Sterling as their currency for several years and then have their own currency. Ultimately Sturgeon wants Scotland to be in the European Union but that will be impossible for three reasons.

1)With the Scottish Nationalists governing the country, having Scottish currency and refusing to join the Euro it would be impossible to join the EU. It has been compulsory since 1992 for any applicant country to sign up to join the Euro Zone.
2)Any membership application has to be supported by all the existing member countries. Just one country refusing to agree to Scotland's application would be enough for it to fail. Spain will vote against the Scottish application because it has its own problems with the Catalan region pressing to become independent. The Catalan region is the best performing business and financial region of Spain.
3)The last member to join the EU took 10 years to do so, from the date of the application. The one prior to that took 12 years. There would be no European Union by the time Scotland's application was processed. It is actually already falling apart. Every member country wants the benefits of membership but none of them want to or are able to pay.
The actual European Parliament of elected members has no power. Unelected bureaucrats have the power and they are constantly being reminded of their numerous faults and sins by the MEPs. A large number of MEPs are making it clear that they admire the UK for leaving. They are being told by their electorates that it is time to seriously consider leaving. In the extremely unlikely event of Scotland's membership application not failing for the above two reasons this third reason would be the end of it. The European Union would no longer exist.