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    V Liecester

    Well, what can we say. Season fizzling out, good job we are not going to be relegated! I think if we can hang on to a top 12 it will still be a great seasin but today was so horribly predictable, spineless, gutless with lack of ideas going past the half way line.
    I think now we should be looking to ship out for next season, the likes of: Barkley☹ Elmo 👴 Taylor 🙈 Engels 😯 Davis 😳 AEG 💩 Trez 🤫 Hourihane 😱
    It will require another 100 mill investment and not sure FFP will allow it but we need to step up and it needs to be quality which we lack, today was evidence to exactly that.
    We really missed Jack and Matty today but the whole team looks shot.
    I really am not looking forward to Leeds next week. Not knocking the ladz but just facing facts!

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    I agree with all of that Dave, although I thought you applied the ‘sh1t’ emoji far too sparingly.

    Midfield was non-existent, again. They all looked wrecked, they were all poor. Ollie is gonna burn himself out as well.

    We were very lucky to beat Saints and the ar5e, and very lucky to get a point at BHA. Today we surrendered to a half bothered Leicester side, playing in their slippers.

    Only one of Traore, Trez or AEG, should be on the pitch at any given time. Bright moments, once a month, are no good to us, we need good performances throughout the 90+ minutes. The same goes for that scouse peac0ck.

    We are, however, in transition, and progressing year on year and you’re right, Leeds will probably muller us. But 12th come May will be an outstanding achievement, but we will need a clearout to continue progressing.

    Very disappointed with the performance but far from despondent with the season so far.

    Spare a thought for poor auld Sam, who has to live among Lista folk. Your cross to bear mate

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    Scouse peac0ck -

    Agree with both of you, missed a good chunk of the game as I was at work but by the sounds of it Ramsey & Sanson made a big difference so should start them both vs Leeds + Nakamba. We were always going to miss Jack massively as so much goes through him and we haven't had to play without him in ages, coaching staff have to do better.

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    Digging in to the 2nd half of the season, you need some quality on the bench and able to rotate. At times you need to even change the formation to meet the challenge of the opponent but kčping the same team, same formation same legs, we have become predictable, and tired!
    Would Jack have made a difference yesterday, probably not, Liecester had already picked their team and put a man marker on him, not knowing he wasn't playing!
    Yes time for Sanson, Ramsey and Naky to get a run out, even Davis should be coming on as an option !

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    Can’t disagree with any of the above. That team sheet without Jack looked very mediocre and so it proved to be. Barkley is either not fully fit or can’t be bothered. Either way he shouldn’t be in the team until he gets his game back. The energy levels ramped up considerably when Ramsey came on.

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    Who in the squad had Covid? They all look absolutely wrecked!

    We are a Midtable team which means we will beat Arsenal one week and lost to Brighton the next.

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    Its a good point sam, long term covid could take months to get over. I know im not running on full batteries since the start of the year. Top athletes are fit but also have to be fit all the time to play this game today.
    Grealish, Watkins, AEG, SJM, Luiz and especially Barkley all look knackered before they start. On top of that, they played 6 games in 18 days without rotating, I think that is taking its toll. The international break should help but we should not let anyone go out playing, just do what utd do and say theres an injury...
    I have already statrd the line up v Leeds, they will come at 100 mph and we need energy in the midfield and protect the back four/five.
    Its not a game to bring Grealish back. Whatever is going on with him, its obvious a medium break has been prescribed including England. Funny, no secret he will be out but again no word on his injury!

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