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Thread: The Liquidator podcast.

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    The Liquidator podcast.

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    I am surprised that there haven't been any comments on here pertaining to this interview. I found it extremely interesting and that many of Paul's comments and his vision for Albion's future to be very credible. He is quite correct when he stated that we have lurched from one situation to another without a joined up strategy. Everything has been short term with no plan set out for the future. His positivity was refreshing and is sorly needed at this club. He is perfectly correct in what he says and, with our current situation of almost certainly playing Championship football next season, now is the the time to decide on a strategy and to implement it. Having said all this, the one overriding factor which is obviously holding us back is the ownership of the club. This has to be sorted out before we can put any meaningful strategy into operation. Whichever way it is achieved, Lai has to go!

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