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Thread: Everton's Bramley-Moore Dock stadium approved by council

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    Everton's Bramley-Moore Dock stadium approved by council

    Bet we don’t get them in cup when this is ready

    Will I be able to park my yacht there?

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    We would after be in the Championship to get to the third round.

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    Scouser says "pound to look after yer yacht mate"

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    Quote Originally Posted by the_idiotb_stardson View Post
    Scouser says "pound to look after yer yacht mate"
    ...or I'll pinch your buoys

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    Strange goings on here because I know someone that works at a construction firm not too far from here that has been making the pre fab structures for this stadium for months.

    I suppose the pre fabs can go to a different site but it still a backwards way of doing things unless some wheels have been greased.

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    Somehow ending up looking at news stories from Kensington (which the locals call "Kenny") which seems like a very strange and rough place.

    'Armed men' steal American bulldogs and car during afternoon of chaos

    Boyfriend attacks ex after accusing her of poisoning his eggs

    Topless man fled to roof of block of flats after police raided house below

    Shopkeeper batters threatening yob with brush who falls over while running away
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    Hope it can rise along with the sea levels

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