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Thread: On A Brighter Note

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    On A Brighter Note

    Wednesday, Rotherham, Birmingham, Coventry & Huddersfield all picked up no points during the latest midweek fixtures.

    However, our goal difference is relatively unscathed, in comparison to the others.

    Rotherham & Coventry goal difference 1 worse off, Huddersfield & Birmingham 2 worse off and Wednesday 3 worse than before the latest round of fixtures!!

    You could call it clutching at straws but to me it's a positive note.

    Our goal difference is only bettered by Forest in the entire bottom half of the table, which unbelievable considering how 5H1T we are at defending and can't score for toffee, according to our resident coaching specialists.

    I'm always a glass half full type of person...................even though I've followed the Millers for around 50 years.

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    Yeah, and if push comes to shove, it could be worth a point. The way we are performing at the moment, it's a very big point......

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    goal difference is not really much good if you donít end up level on points with someone.....

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    To be pessimistic

    If Wednesday beat us 2-0 then that's 4 goals on the goal difference

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