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Thread: Reading Post Match Thoughts

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    Reading Post Match Thoughts

    So February comes to a close and a month that started with immense optimism and visions of reliving the 1982 glories, in the pulling of one hamstring turns into a nightmare of mediocrity, missed chances, depression and defeats. As mentioned on the match thread, what other teams are doing or goal difference is irrelevant because we aren't going to stay up with 29 points and at the moment it's hard to see where the next goal or point will come from. Will it be at Wednesday on Wednesday?


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    Sh1te. Devoid of quality. Playing like a side that have resigned themselves to league 1 football.

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    Well Iím not going to sleep on it & Im not going to comment on it.Good day.

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    Today was a defining day. Birmingham won. Toothless in attack. I really donít see us stopping up now.
    Trying to be optimistic but we have not learned from our mistakes before at this level.

    We are a soft touch I am afraid. Investing too much of my time hoping above hope that we will get a result. We have had chance after chance to get out of it.
    Plucky Millers punching above their weight.
    Really really cheesed off and taking a break from this board.

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    13 winnable games to the end of the season. No point in coming out the bottom 3 too early.

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    5 losses in a row, have they given up?

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    Whilst we have lots of games left this season, Wednesday against Wednesday is must win. Must win for morale because we are drifting at the moment and devoid of any belief. Injuries have crippled us but we need a lift now. We cannot lose more ground as we won't win multiple games on the spin to clamber out of trouble.

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    Never seen a Millers team pass it as poorly as that.

    Crooks was the chief offender.

    Yes we are having bad luck with injuries but that doesn't excuse what you do with the ball.

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    Always up against it with makeshift defence and all we needed was Robertson to go off. But the main issue in the game was the way we wasted the ball, poor passing has been a problem all season and what will put us down if anything. We don't have much possession usually but when we do have it it needs to be kept and it needs to be productive, today neither applied.
    We are still in there with a shout of staying up but we need that confidence to come back. Oh how we miss Lindsay.

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    Usual story. We give the ball away in good positions. Miss easy chances. Give sloppy goals away. Play with crocked players. We give far too many stupid bookings away. Warne has an all or nowt team. Unfortunately at the moment it is a nowt team.

    Robertson although a good player might as well feck off if he can only play 3 games a season.
    Wiles hangs on to the ball far too long and makes tyoo many wrong decisions, I know he is burnt out but who lse do we have.
    Sadlier weak and ineffective again.

    I can't see us getting owt at the pigs either not with haif a team out

    Its gone tits up since Lyndsay out. Unfortunately by the time he is back we will be well stuffed.

    Think the end is nigh.

    ooooh to be a mlller eh?

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