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Thread: PL table now updated for games played 27th February

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    PL table now updated for games played 27th February

    Another day another dollar......results are in and it all ended like this. Some big moves up and down so, don't forget to post or it can cost you!

    All 10 fixtures played again so let's be hopeful the coldest weather is now behind us. Only 21 predictions? Are we losing faith out there lads? Come on let's see this through to completion and have as many as we can post going forward, cheers.

    Some good scores even without the goal bonus, of which the latter had 3 worthy winners.

    Shout Outs: Two predictors each scored 11 clear points, that being Ericslad and Millersrus, well done fellas great scores!
    The highest other scores with a bonus were 16 and two 15 pointers.

    Goal Bonus: x 3 winners, Grist, Roly and Lolmorgan who each called 26 goals. This is usually Frog's number but he didn't even post this weekend? Well done chaps. From their goal bonus this has pushed all three well up in the table.

    Wooden spoons: Two takers this weekend and it's not Ericslad or myself for once . Step forward Millertop and Ackworthmiller who copped 1 point each so ...please take them...please.

    No change at the top other than to say Millerstale extends his lead over his nearest rival *cough* who needs to get his finger pulled out and quickly

    Check it and see if you're up or down or just stayed the same......

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    We have a honest predictor amongst us who has pointed out a discrepancy on his score.

    Millertop has made me aware I awarded him a point for Morecambe when in fact it was Mansfield who won that game. Too many M & M's I think for me. That actually means that Millertop has now equalled the disappointing 0/10 record which was only set the other week

    It also means a reprieve for Ackworthmiller as he is no longer awarded a wooden spoon, that I'm afraid is Millertop's on this occasion.
    Thank you for your honesty MT, it isn't a proud award to achieve. Good luck with the next lot

    The table has now been amended to reflect this.

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