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Thread: Could This be the Cause of Birmingham City / Coventry City Relegation Battle

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    Could This be the Cause of Birmingham City / Coventry City Relegation Battle

    With both Birmingham City & Coventry City in the relegation fight to stay in the championship, could the cause lie in both teams sharing the same football ground.
    Could the cause be the pitch, is it getting over played on, with the teams using the pitch alternate Saturdays, then one of them using it in the midweek.
    Frankly this must be a groundsman's nightmare, to prepare the pitch for 3 games in a 8 day period.
    We have seen that Swansea City had to relay their pitch, & now Newport County having to play their next 2 home games, at Cardiff City's ground, due to pitch issues.
    With me mentioning this may give Karanka a chance to use it has a excuse.

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    It's affected Brum more than Coventry.Brum have lost 11games and won only 3,Coventry won 7 and lost only five.The pitch does look in poor condition,

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    Depends which of the 2 like to get it on floor and pass it. I would suspect brum knowing robins style of play. A bit ironic if brum go down and cov dont and still sharing stadium next season eh?

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    At least they both get to use their training grounds at the moment which we can't do. No training as a group for tactics, set pieces etc for ten days

    According to the YPost the four or five players that were tested positive for covid will not be playing vs Cov if it goes ahead

    Hardly an advantage

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