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    I take it he will not be playing Sunday as he has not been picked for England!
    This injury is turning out to be a bit of a mystery, 2 more weeks rest for him!

    On another note, Watkins get a call up. Well done Ollie, makes that 26 mill look like a snip 😁

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    Well if you believe DS, which I don’t, he is hopeful of Jack returning for Sunday.

    As for England, mate, Mountgate’s selected Bellend from Dortmund, even though he admits he won’t be available. Then we have Dier again at CB, that grinning idiot on loan at West ham, then topping off with ‘Dropsy’ Johnstone.

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    Part of me wonders whether jack being injured is the excuse Southgate needed to drop him cos letís be honest he was pushed into selecting him in the first place cos off public opinion..

    Hope he is fit n ready for at least the bench this week cos we could do with the lift heíll give us !

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    He'll be busting his gut to be available for this game I reckon, however if he is not 100% it's best not to risk him and that's most likely the message given to Southgate.

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    If shin splints is the injury, its all about resting until it calms down then trying to push and waiting for a reaction, it doesnt really have a fixed timescale like many injuries, my guess is he will be on the bench today, but unlikely to come on for more than a cameo. Re england, how the **** is Eric Dier picked in defence ahead of Konsa? Pleased for Ollie, and Tyrone, but to be honest the less of our team picked for meaningless extra games the better imho.

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