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Thread: Northampton

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    So how do we feel this one is going to go?
    Will we see a response to last week?
    Will the players be affected by the atmosphere at the moment?
    I think we won't handle this game well
    3-1 defeat.
    Would be pleased to be proven wrong though!

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    Well, I've just watched the 1st half and I'm having trouble remembering which team has the reputation for hoof ball!
    Probably the worst 45 mins I've seen for a long time. Why is Ainley playing? He'll have to go off with an injured neck at this rate from watching the ball sail over his head all the time. Can't see this ending well. 2-0 and it's all cobblers.

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    All the better when we win! However, there was little to like about that game

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    Glad I didn’t predict as, on another thread I said the only certainty was that Mandron will start!!

    Just seen that Big Dave reckoned it was the worst pitch this season and it was always likely to be ‘that sort of game’. In other words, the sort of game we usually lose, so a good 3 points and no match until Easter. More time to get Ainley, Finney, Powell and anyone else currently getting off the Steve Macauley Treatment Table back ready for duty against Hull and the Dons.... the season starts here!!!

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