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Thread: V Spuds.....Dress this up Deano !

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    V Spuds.....Dress this up Deano !

    Another truly forgettable performance no attacking ideas what so ever, 36 attempts to cross the ball not one lands on the money !

    Smith appears to be labouring under the misapprehension tactics are small white mints !

    Trezeguet is soft as butter any contact he goes down as if he has sustained a career threatening injury, last time I saw anyone so weak there was a priest by his bedside, he had a glorious opportunity in the second half to test Lloris …..I could have hit the ball harder with a stick !

    Why Cash lunges at “Fagin” aka Kane when he aint going anywhere just adds to our ever increasing problems

    Even Stevie Wonder can see Smith’s (long suffering) plan B I.e throwing Davies on after 84 minutes is about as much use as t1ts on a bull !

    Surly Lois Barry is worthy of a place on the bench ? he couldnt do any worse than the current bench walmers could he ???

    Anyway keep safe everyone

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    I thought Davies made far more of a contribution in the little time he was on the pitch than Trez and what exactly is Cash meant to do in that situation? Kane done him up like a kipper letting the ball go out and making sure there was contact, clever but the game's gone.

    We are utterly toothless up front, Oliie didn't get a single decent ball to attack and no matter who crosses the damn thing it's never finding a Villa shirt. I thought we would have a chance the way things were going early in the first half, much better with the ball than we have been with far less sloppy passes but in the end it's powder puff. Our first 11 are not good enough and it's understandable given that we got promoted against the odds, had to let half the squad go then rely on Watford's bizarre implosion when it looked like they could get out of trouble.

    One last thing - we have John Terry yet McGinn is marking Kane on set pieces - why oh why oh f@@&ing why

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    We can’t really complain, can we? A management team and squad, three years in the making, built for Premier League midtable stability. We needed to be ‘safe’ at this period of the season, due to our run-in, mission accomplished.

    Everyone, players and coaches, went full bore, to acquire the points needed. They are all now to a man, players, and coaches, fkuced, wrecked, shot, and some just sh1t.

    Some who were sh1t before the season started, remained sh1t during the season, and will forevermore be sh1t, need to go. We need 2 widemen, a midfield General, and a Goalscorer (most squads have 4 strikers), and that’s if Jack stays.

    The season is over in terms of our pre-season goal. We need to blood at least 2 each of our youth full-backs, Midfielders, and Strikers THIS season. What better chance have we than now, with nothing at stake?

    P.S. Is Jack that bl00dy good that he can make our players trackback, or tackle, pass to a teammate, shoot, or cross a ball?

    Nah, thought not, they’re sh1t.

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