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    Online betting

    So, Bet365s boss/CEO or whatever the f00k she calls herself is to give herself a £468 MILLION pay packet, having benefitted from the combined effects of lockdown and the closure of many of the more "conentional" means of placing a bet. I was going to ask, "how does she sleep at night knowing her "industry" kills more each year than Covid", but the question is lost on anyone who considers a half a billion pounds is reasonable, in any world.

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    It would be interesting to know if they furloughed staff from their shops. Reported to have taken 1 billion out of the company with dividends over four years. The one thing in the companies favour is it is UK registered and pays it's taxes unlike some companies that cream the land in the UK.
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    I have no problem with anyone making a profit, but thatís obscene.
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