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Thread: The L.Orient game, in May 1987

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    The L.Orient game, in May 1987

    Hey lads, do you want to share some thoughts with me, abaart this home day and the match it's senn. Last game of the season 1986-87, you needed to beat L.Orient of course, and hope for the best in the other matches!.
    Wow I know wot a relegation scrap means but I can't imagine wot that felt like for you all, as relegation to the Non League Conference was now a real threat. 😩

    And one of my favourite memories that day was knowing Scarbrough had or were abaart to win promotion to the Efl.

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    Millions of words have been written on this subject Acido. It was a miracle we pulled it off; we had to win and other teams had to lose.

    I was 35 at the time, and I honestly thought during the last five minutes of the game my heart would explode!

    When the full time whistle went, it felt like I had downed five "E's" and a bottle of JD in one swig.

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    It wasn't just going out of the League Acido, the very existence of the club was under threat, or so we were told. Lose that game and we were gone, an ex-football club, the very Norwegian Blue of football clubs. Squeaky bum time doesn't begin to cover it.

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    I was fearing the worst as I drove up from London for the game because the season had been a disaster and I just thought that,even if we won, the other results would go against us.
    The relief at the end of the match when I heard the other results was overwhelming and I drove back home on cloud 9!

    Our fans these days are cacking themselves because we may get relegated from the PL -----and life goes on and there is absolutely nothing we can do about it, exactly like most other things in life unless you are part of the 'in crowd'

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    It was gut wrenching, the worse thing that can happen to your team, at least then. Prior to that game the bottom club, usually Rochdale just applied for re-election.

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    Yes but none of those million words were spoken by ME were they ehh, uncle Beds.

    That 1986-87 season was a bad one for us as well, as we lost our first 6 league games. And funnily enough, Blackburn were one of our early season fellow strugglers.
    We only started winning more regularly from about new years day onwards, which I noticed L.Orient also did that season apparently.

    Remember as well the Play offs were introduced that season, for both promotion AND relegation, which seemed very weird at the time.
    But wow that must have been an unbelievable feeling at the end, and can I ask how many glasses of err 'fruit juice' did you all have that night ehh.

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    Or Darlington.

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