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Thread: Our home form & Covid 19

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    Our home form & Covid 19

    Let's face it our home form has been dire this season. Had it been anything near decent then we might not be in this predicament. It wasn't too sparkling last season either despite promotion. Luckily our away form this season has kept us in with a shout and most definitely was the reason we got over the line last season.
    Any coincidence the home form has been rubbish since Covid 19 and we have found ourselves playing games in empty stadiums? I know it's been the same for everyone. Would the atmosphere and the vocal backing have contributed to us squeezing out a few more positive results down at NYS though?

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    As someone mentioned on another thread we did have a worse season at Millmoor in 2004 when Covid hadn't been invented. I took a look a few days ago and overall there will be about 33% more away wins this season in the Championship than in a 'normal' season. I don't see why the fans not being there have impacted us more than others. NYS has hardly been a fortress since it opened.

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    Reverse forecast surely then with the wins, 1 in two previous seasons compared to 6 this term.

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    said on Sky yesterday the our poor home form was the factor for the struggle this season. But also mentioned that we only won 8 out of 17 last make your own mind up....

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    Does home and away really exist under current conditions?

    Basically all games are neutral venues played like behind closed doors training games

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