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Thread: Warnock to give Lewis Wing a chance to prove himself.

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    Warnock to give Lewis Wing a chance to prove himself.

    Neal Warnock is going to give Lewis Wing, a chance to prove himself, & get
    another contract at Middlesbrough.
    Warnock is going to give him a chance in the pre-season, to show that he
    deserves another contract at the club.
    I said a few days ago in a post, that Wing's displays for the Millers, will
    make Warnock realise he has a good player, & keep him at Middlesbrough,
    when it was said on the board, Smith for Wing exchange.

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    That’s a good decision from Warnock, the lad needs to be playing in the championship

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    It was me who asked about the e change. I don’t want Smith to go but if Middlesbrough want him and he wants to go we have to dig our heals in and push to get Wing. He has been an inspiration in the last few months of a disastrous season.

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    Let's be honest, it's not really been too hard for Lewis to shine in amongst our players. Due to Sky/ESPN+ coverage I've had the chance to actually see us play these past couple of weeks and whether it'd down to recovering from Covid, tiredness, injury, loss of form, loss of confidence, playing out of position or being found out by the opposition (or all of the above) players who on here were being touted as multi-million pound prospects 3 months ago have looked less than ordinary e.g. Wiles, Olosunde, Lindsay.

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    Can't expect Wing to drop to L1 even if Smith goes to Boro......

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    Yes give him a chance and loan him back to us next season

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    Let's hope that doesn't impact on his Rotherham performances.

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    Why not?

    We are on a wing and a prayer anyway

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