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Thread: Did I really hear this???

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    Did I really hear this???

    As an afterthought, I switched the car radio on after the game today to hear the result. I heard one of the “experts” with an Irish accent (Bonnar?) saying that he knows a woman who has a season ticket for her, her husband and her kids and it’s cost her thousands. “She DESERVES better”!! . Another of the “experts” said that they have just had nine years of success! I turned the radio off still not knowing the score. Only those two teams feel they have the god given right to success year after year. They really P155 me off ......

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    Thats the way of it .Always has been always will.Unless they bugger off to some super or whatever league.NEVER HAPPEN IMO.

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    STV and BBC Scotland want Celtic playing Rangers every week

    its all they ever talk about , its pathetic

    Notice the Sky Sports commentating pundits now they are 'all inclusive'


    none of these cretins can talk about anything other than -Glasgow teams, if they get asked about the other team the question gets awkward -they've no interest.

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    Bonner is an absolute pr1ck who should be nowhere near national media. He's just a rabid fan who gets a microphone.
    McCoist has a soft spot for us but he needs to stop saying "it really is/was" after everything he says.

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