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Thread: FA Youth Cup Final

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    FA Youth Cup Final

    The U18's are 2-0 up after 11 mins against Liverpool - attacking a noisy Holte End .

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    I think we have a problem. We have so many outstanding kids to come through, we cannot afford to block their progression by filling up our first team squad with more squad players. we will have to play this very cagey, for we need these marvellous talents to see clearly that they all have a future at our club. The problem is they are probably 18 months from being first team ready, so how do we get ourselves over that hump?

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    We have really enjoyed the matches over the last 2 days. As Mondaze says, we really will have a nice little problem keeping all these youngsters happy. 5 of the lucky lads are already in the U23s.

    Purslow made a statement a while back. “If 22/23 yr olds are filling the u23 squad, then the system has failed. He wants 22 yr olds to be seasoned in the 1st team, and 18yr olds filling the u23s.

    I see a few youth players making the 1st team, sadly, most will leave, And some will be sold for a fortune, as Purslow wants the Academy self-sufficient asap.

    Villas’ structure is becoming mightily impressive.

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    As I said in another thread the number of youngsters from any academy who actually progress to the top level is frighteningly small, however, I think the majority of the kids we watched last night will at least have a reasonable life in the game if they continue to progess as they have so far, 3 or 4 of them could definately become major players either for us or elsewhere, assuming that happens the coaching group have done an excellent job and long may it continue. As for last night, that was one of the most enjoyable games ive watched in a long time, made all the better of course by the result WELL DONE MY BABBIES.

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    I really like the look of Chukwuemeka. I hope he gets more game time this season.

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