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Thread: Farman to Barrow

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    Farman to Barrow

    No great loss here, he certainly wasn't worth breaking the bank to keep.

    It took him half a season before he caught a cross and I can think of very few outstanding saves amongst a plethora of occasions he conceded goals he should've saved.

    Barrow have got themselves a bang average tier four keeper with zero resale value.

    We can do a lot better. Norman was signed as our number one anyway and I'd be hoping for the signing of a young goalkeeper (from a top flight academy perhaps) in the mold of a Riley or an Armer with significant potential and resale value.

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    I liked what I saw of Norman when he played later in the season. I agree, no great loss.

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    Barrow have got a decent keeper before Farman arrives. Farman may struggle to be first choice. Barrow will be paying their second choice keeper more than we are paying our first choice keeper, whoever is second choice.
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