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Thread: Grealish vs God

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    Grealish vs God

    Is Grealish better than God? Different positions I know. I would think if he stays long term he will surpass God or be bloody close.
    From what I can see hes by far the best player in the England squad.

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    PM played with dodgy knees, never trained but still performed the way he did. This was helped by the position he played in whereby his ability to read the game was a major benefactor. He will always be God.

    JG is different in that he's one of our own and currently probably one of the best technical players in the world. If he stays and helps AVFC back to the glory days I'm sure there'll be a statue of him erected outside the Holte End at some point in the future

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    Maybe we should call him Jesus or Buddha then?

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    One read the game through several passages of play and adapted, the other plays for the ‘now’ and initiates play.

    The question should be, would McGrath’s ‘game sense’, and man-marking skills (earlier in his career), smother Jack’s fluidity?

    Or would Jack have a ‘day out’ against McGrath?

    At this moment in time in Jack's career, I don't think McGrath would give him a sniff.

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    God 2 perhaps, the 2nd coming?? No, he cannot share the Name of PM.
    Maybe Jack will end up not training like God to extend his playing days, just as long as he does not rely on the liquid pain killers at HT...
    PM = God
    JG = The Boss
    Jack = The Don????🙄

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    I never found fault with PM's performances, his unerring ability to read the game is why he is revered to this day. He also won silverware and his dodgy knees/no training thing wrote him into Villa folklore.

    Brian Little - well he walks on water doesn't he, also hard to criticise as a player and was a very good manager for us.

    Jack - I can't wait to see what he does with the new additions to the team, he holds onto the ball too long at times and part of me thinks that he doesn't have high confidence in the abilities of some of his teammates? So for now he isn't up there with the above legends but I think he will surpass them if he stays due to the ambitions of our owners.

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    Difficult to compare as players due to being completely different positions, but, was God seen as the best in his position not just by us but by players and pundits of his generation, yes, absolutely, the number of strikers of his time who singled him out as the hardest to beat is long and illustrious. Is Jack seen in the same light as a forward player, not yet, but time is on his side so we shall see. Oh, and exiled is dead right, Mcgrath would have had Jack in is pocket at his best.

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    Maybe our defensive midfielders should watch some footage of Paul reading the game, I don't mean this as criticism by the way - he was so good at timely interceptions they could perhaps learn from it and improve further?

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