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Thread: Covenantors Bar riot, 1978

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    Covenantors Bar riot, 1978

    Anybody from here part of this?

    Did Plod get sent packing or did the pride of Kincorth get their arses kicked?

    For the uninitiated, this occurred after the Peru defeat in the World Cup 1978.

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    Do you still get bar fights?

    I've not been involved in one since the horseshoe in Hattoncrook circa '99

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    Not been involved in one since the 2018 Moncler Mania Mayhem with RST.

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    Ah remember the Covenanter Riot. Ah wisna there. Vaguely remember the press pics o' the 'culprits' ... and the press reports. Did a few punk gigs sharin' the stage wi a fellow punk band 'Anti-Social' ... fae Kincorth. The did a song about it. Canna remember aa the words o' the song but remember the lead singer's intro which I paraphrase as " This song's aboot the Covenanters Riot .... far the ****in pigs turned up lookin' far a scrap and got kicked - tae - **** .... 1-2-3-4!!!"

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