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Thread: Euro 2020 var

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    Euro 2020 var

    A lot better than Premier League ?

    Decision made without displaying all the Red and Blue lines to viewers
    Seem to be quicker as well
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    BM, I was thinking the same the other day.
    Fast no nonsense decisions and letting the game flow talking to the Ref as the game progressed.

    Maybe our lot over here could take a leaf out of their book. I’ve seen some decisions in prem games take almost 2 minutes before the game has been called back. It shouldn’t take that long.

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    Yes it's better.

    Copa America seem even slower than us though.

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    Maybe the rules have been tweeked so the decisions are clearer. Ive heard the offside one is now from the armpit not the finger/toe nail.
    I await grists joke about russian ladies armpit hair

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