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    Top 4

    Could we break into the top 4? Imo if we brought in Mahrez we would have a front 4 of Grealish Watkins Mahrez and Buendier. That combo would be ridiculous. I believe we will match most other clubs in money spent this summer like we have the previous 2 summers. Villa are now one of the biggest spenders in Europe. If the money is spent wisely we could have a really great season. We have a the best keeper in the league, 2 good centre backs, the best midfielder in the world, Watkins will only get better, Buendier is amazing, Traore looking better, McGinn super, Cash will get better, all looking good.

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    I would have to say at this minute, No but we can finish higher than last season for sure. A lot depends on Jack.

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    No - our 1st 11 I am sure will be strong, more to be done with the depth in the squad but will be interesting to see how the likes of Chukwumeka fare this season.

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