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Thread: Admirable performance

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    Admirable performance

    Good resilient performance today against an unbeaten Brentford side who are at the top end of their game.
    Dean has said that the side he picked yesterday did not resemble the starting line up today .. this was due to covid and injuries .. we lost our two captains in Mings and Mcginn ... but the lads who stepped in did OK... I have never been Tuanazabes biggest fan but he did admirably today ... our 17 year old kid Chuckweaneka was brilliant and Ashley rolled back the years as he fulfilled yet another role ..

    Buednias goal was a peach and I think this lad is gonna be a star ... Emi still looks like he is celebrating his Copa de America Cup.. but he will come good ...El Ghazi was on fire and even you AEG haters must agree that he was as good as anything today ... fantastic to see Ollie get a cameo .. when he is up to speed we will be our main striker .. Ings is ok but doesn't have Ollies presence ...
    With Baily, Traore, Sanson still to come back .. it all looks good ... UTV

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    Think I was expecting too much today, first game since we beat Watford 2-1....
    The game lacked a spark, Brentford dug in and came for a draw so, well played them.
    Mings and Maginn missing was a big blow, now it looks like Zebbe and Konsa took serious knocks!
    Defending for their goal was awful, their most dangerous player with no one around him to block or tackle.
    I would say all our team was Average and below par efforts from: Elghazi, Ings and Young, the young boy Chuckie did okay but failed to impose himself on the game!
    Watkins looked great when he did get the nod some 20 mins too late!
    So 1-1 on my big day out, verdict: Average
    Average performance
    Crowd- Average (atmoss) you would not think 42k were actually there apart from the queue for the train back home and talking of the crowd, Dougie stand right on half way line upper tier but empty seats my lord I counted over 20 seats empty!!! Scratches head.

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    Not an AEG hater Iwuz, just disappointed at the decline in the attitude of one of my favourite Ajax players. He was always a stroppy fkucer, but rarely failed to show up. Our penalty-taker went from 1 in 3 at Ajax (no pens), to 1 in 7 at Lille and ourselves.

    Dave, those empty seats around you may all have been recently notified as ‘close contacts’ after last week's match v the cartoon army. Re the atmosphere mate, it’s really hard to roar and shout, whilst creating the perfect selfie.

    We have a couple of weeks to get the cotton wool and Dettol onto those scraped knees, so hopefully a healing fortnight.

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    I have said this before, I think people 2 years ago jumped on the bandwagon and snapped season tickets for family members just in case they wanted to go to see the likes of the so called top 6. I noticed yesterday and this is far not me complaining but more women and Children, this is great for the family but not for the atmosphere, I feel the big mouthed casual supporter like me, has been pushed out, maybe alot of the youngsters wanted to see Grealish, now hes gone they cannot be bothered??
    When a couple of thousand Bees fans sing 'Shall we sing a song for you' several times, you know its quiet.
    This jumping on the bandwagon has happened to all the top clubs, thats why its so quiet at Citeh, Utd, Arsenal and Chelsea.
    "The evolving new breed of supporter" ?

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    I thought this was a thread about car insurance until i read it. We look better than last season already with a few coming back.
    Where is Ashley play? I can see Elgazi was on the left?

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    To be honest I didn't notice him today, think he was left midfield.
    To think we have Mings, McGinn, Traore, Bailey, Ramsey and Watkins to come back, makes me feel a bit better.
    Anwar, frustrates me to death, he's got it but always looks like hes only putting in 50%
    Target has his place back, time to give young a rest and go two up top?
    Chelsea next, wow. We are going to need a fully fit and fighting squad for that one!

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