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Thread: Question for you champs.

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    Question for you champs.

    Khadra on loan or keep Chapman?
    Chapman has just been loaned to Burton albion.
    Strange considering he signed a contract a couple of months ago.

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    I will never ever fathom out Chapman.
    There is something wrong with his temperament.
    I said this last season. He is a Div1 player. He is unable to make an impact at this level.
    I bet (without even seeing him play) that this lad on loan will be much better. And more effective.
    Time to let him go after this loan I think, he wont make it here. His level is a step down from where we play.
    Its what TM is seeing in training that we arent privvy to. Something very off with him, he seems to be heading backwards.
    You would think he would be doing everything in his power to force himself in our side. He looks uninterested.

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