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Thread: Dale?

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    No comments about his loan deal to Blackpool?

    Seems a bit odd when they have an option to sign him after Xmas. ie Dale plays great and they want to sign him at X pounds, which means they agree or not agree still to our valuation? ie status quo! He plays average and they won't agree the transfer fee? He plays terrible and they say thanks but no thanks?

    So what's in it for the club? I can only presume they save on his wages and that's it? But for him, he presumably gets bigger wages playing for them which may result in a permanent deal in January? It certainly puts Blackpool in the Drivers seat and they get to see how good he really is and possibly save half a million pounds in the process if he's not up to the hype etc.

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    Apparently the only reason that he didn't sign permanently was a failed medical, but only a temporary issue. But they certainly have a great get out clause if things don't work out.

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    We need to know more about this. Do the 'Alex' have an 'understanding' in relation to the fee? If not, we're about to be ripped off.

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    If he'd have signed permanently, apart from the medical blip (maybe Norovirus related?), presumably we had agreed a fee and add on clauses, and the loan is just to bridge the gap - apart from does he perform of get injured till January of course!

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