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Thread: World Cup ****storm

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    World Cup ****storm

    The more I read about this pantomime the less I understand, below are the facts that I am aware of, the rest who the hell knows:-

    1. EPL can vote on whether players go to international matches all they like, FIFA is the governing body and has the final say.
    2. Argentine FA had to know that players, and everyone else, coming from the UK are required to quarantine for 14 days before entering Brazil, therefore no point in taking them to that fixture
    3. AVFC also knew these were the regulations, so right to let the players go, however did they check re Brazil fixture?
    4. Clubs were wrong to not release their Brazilian internationals IF they are current Brazil passport holders as they are exempt from the quarantine (lunacy obviously but by the regs ....)

    So who is responsible? Not FIFA (for once) not Brazil, their regs are mad, but clear, and what the **** happens in a few weeks time when this merry go round kicks off again?

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    Rules and regs, as per usual, are made up by the clueless, as they go along. Common sense, however, according to my old History teacher, is not so common, as perfectly demonstrated by everyone concerned in this fiasco.

    For our part, and our huge contribution to this mess, we should have put our foot down, followed the EPL directive, and told the Emis’ to STFU and get fit here.

    The rest is up to the authorities of another jurisdiction, we must respect their decisions, ‘when in Rome?’.

    This whole balls-up was started by Aston Villa Football Clubs’ weakness, not for the first time, in giving in to player's demands.

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    No wonder Purslow calling it a balls up, two of our high profile players now missing for the Chelsea Game and for what???

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    I know, what a Messi

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