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Thread: The Funso Effect

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    The Funso Effect

    It is effect, right? Not affect?

    Anyway, the transformation of Funso Ojo has been mightily impressive. I honestly thought he was off and never even realised he was still on our books until our first game of the season.

    He's been a stand out player in his new position. Looks interested, sharper and keeps digging in late on when others aren't.

    It got me thinking, how many more Funsos have we let go because of DM playing them out of position. We could have had some cult favourites if only they had been given a little more game time. Have we missed out on big money because we just couldn't get the 'player' out of them? Or is Funso a one off?

    Simon Church? The Mclaughlin guy from liverpool? O'Connor sort of took a second wind before fizzling out. There were good things being said about Gleeson and Forrester. Maybe, just maybe we could have Funso'd some of them.

    Safe to say Taylor and Tate were never going to catch the Funso effect.

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    Neither were Gleeson or Forrester.

    Dark days indeed.

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    Looking forward to seeing Kennedy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aldo1983 View Post
    Looking forward to seeing Kennedy.
    I think its a good point, not just about players bought-in but also those coming through our own ranks: the Rosses, Shankland, maybe Anderson with the right coaching and proper chances, Virtanen.

    Kennedy, yes he did look a player with a future when he was at St Johnstone. Now reviving his career looks harder than reviving those of his forebears John F and Bobby. For all the performance analysis and coaching, much of it must be down to luck. Where else would Cosgrove have become an in-demand star for half a season?

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    I remember him talking about what type of player he saw himself as. A midfielder who sits in front of the defence, wins balls, tidies up and gives it to players who would create things. That's how he's been used his whole fair play to Glass for seeing him as capable of doing something different.

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    Still don’t get the new love in for Ojo. Yes, he’s better, but he’s still not great. And he is definitely not a right sided attacking midfielder. He takes too many touches and his final choice is not great.

    With Hedges coming back from injury and Watkins playing up in that area, I can’t see Ojo starting much.

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